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Roof Construction


Midwest Homes and Restoration is committed to serving your needs in excellence.  We work to provide you with the best possible experience when repairing or restoring your roof and property.  Whether you are facing storm damage, investing in a property upgrade, or working towards efficiency, we deliver a superior end product - bringing dreams to life!  For 20 years, customers have been choosing MWH&R as their most trusted and preferred contractor. 


roofing contractor


Midwest Homes and Restoration is a private family-owned business in the heart of the midwest.  Dave and Rachel Reiger have been big and small business owners for over 20 years.  Dave has been delivering all aspects of roof restoration and construction for decades. 

Like you, they know the risks and rewards of being property owners, so they work hard to provide a high-quality product to keep or return your home, business, or farm to peak condition.  You can trust MWH&R to treat your property like their own. 

The family is active in their community, giving thousands of dollars of materials and labor to people who are in need.  MWH&R is invested in its local communities and is highly trusted.  When choosing your contractor, you will be best served by a family-owned company that is committed to quality, family, and community, just like Midwest Home and Restoration.

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